B1G1 – Business For Good

The reason I like Business For Good is that you know the money you’re giving gets to where it’s needed.  Forget large political payments that get lost in the system of ‘Foreign Aid’ – B1G1 gets your money to the person who goes and buys the school books, or the ingredients for meals.

The idea that businesses around the world can give very small amounts to over 700 different Worldwide projects, means that we can all contribute just a few pence, if that’s all we have, knowing that if enough of us do this, the compounded effect will be a large measure of good things happening.  We can choose amongst these 700 plus projects where we want our money to go, how much we want to send and how often we want to send it.

B1G1 was the brainchild of Masami Sato – an inspiring business woman whose interest was everyone in the world eating healthy food and she wanted to give back, but initially felt she had to wait until her business was successful in order to set up any kind of giving campaign that would make a difference.  Masami then realised that success is relative and as business owners we measure it in different ways and that actually it has nothing at all to do with our ability to give.  If enough of us give back what is affordable, it will work.  Who needs to measure success when giving $1.00 a month can make such a difference to the improvement of other people’s lives and the environment?

Buy One Give One means that when a customer or client buys something, or uses a service of a business, that business gives clean water, food, shelter, medicine, or education to a certain number of people in desperate need.

When someone buys one of my images, 200 people will have clean water for 4,700 days, 500 children will be fed, trees will be planted and a small part of Rainforest will be protected and nurtured for a year.  When all of us take on this responsibility to look after those who have not, our world becomes a better place and lives improve one by one.

The first step is giving that first little tiny amount that we can all afford, spreading the word about Business For Good, so that the Butterfly effect of giving will start to move the mountains of pain back to joy.

Our Impact so Far: